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Sponsorship success

Diploma completed and on to a degree in Software engineering
Naomi Booth :: Friday 8th September 2023 :: This Story Sanoos was sponsored by Ocean stars Trust from the age of 5 to 18. He contacted us recently and asked us to thank his sponsor for helping him with his studies when he was at school. The sponsorship money meant he could access extra classes and buy resources for his learning. Sanoos went on to gain a Higher National Diploma in Computing (Software Engineering). He is currently studying for a BSc Hons Degree in Software Engineering at the International College of Business and Technology, which is affiliated to Cardiff Metropolitan University and based in Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Sanoos is the first member of his family to go to University and his family are very proud of him. His father is a fisherman, and his mum is a housewife. Sanoos says his success is due to his sponsorship, so we would like to thank his sponsor as well as all our sponsors, who make a huge impact on so many children in Sri Lanka.

New preschool building for the children at Ammankulam

The students of Calthorpe Park School Sri Lanka Team 2023 raised funds to complete the new preschool building for the children at Ammankulam. Dilanee attended the opening ceremony in July and the parents, teachers and government officials were all so grateful to CPS and OST for giving their community this building so the children can access a high quality early years education. A plaque has now been installed to show the contribution of Calthorpe Park School. We thank the students and parents CPS Team 2023 who have fund raised tirelessly for us over the past year. You have been truly amazing and offered hope to hundreds of children in Sri Lanka. Thank you, CPS Team 2023! 6 weeks to go till you get to visit Sri Lanka!

Professional development

The ongoing professional development of all the teachers who work at our preschools is embedded in our Child Development Programme. We were delighted that Unitha recently gained her NVQ Level 4 in General Child Care. Unitha works at our preschool in Chenkallady, and she really values all the support and training given to her by Ocean Stars Trust. Congratulations to Unitha for gaining this qualification which will enable her to provide a high standard of Early Years education for the children who attend her preschool.

University Students visit Ocean Stars Lanka Projects

We were delighted to welcome three university students (from the UK, Japan and South Korea) to visit Shining Stars Preschool and Hope House in Ampilantharai. The students enjoyed a morning full of activities with the preschool children, spent time with Hope House staff and also visited the OSL office in Batticaloa.

Here are some of their thoughts on their experience with OSL:

Cam Williams, UK

“I had a fantastic time visiting the various Ocean Stars Lanka projects. As I stayed in Batticaloa for a week, I also had an opportunity to work with the research team to conduct socio-economic interviews with preschool parents. The staff team is fantastic and I firmly believe that OSL is in a great place grow stronger to and continue to serve their communities effectively.”

Joongmin Shin, South Korea

“In Ampilantharai where we visited, we noticed that children were genuinely pure and clearly have an infinite world of possibilities ahead of them. I felt the teachers were eager to support them for the most necessary needs. 

They were passionate to learn, ready to fly, appreciated what they have, and Ocean Stars Trust was holding their hands to help every student have equal opportunities in Sri Lanka.

We truly enjoyed their hospitality and were able to understand how to overcome barriers for equal opportunities through educational empowerment. We came to learn and the team and school member enlightened our development insight with friendship, joy and love. As a student, a visitor, and a man desirable to work in the development field, I appreciate all staffs of Ocean Star Trust that they are working very close to the most vulnerable area although it is not easy to manage the project with difficulties regardless of circumstance in Sri Lanka.

 I see a very bright future for children through the work of Ocean Star Trust and believe good time will come for them.”

Amoru Miyamoto, Japan

“My visit to Ocean Stars Trust was a precious opportunity to gain the new insight into educational and occupational development projects in Sri Lanka. During my Masters in the UK, I was mainly learning the theoretical concept of development studies, but this opportunity has provided me with the chance to expose myself to the real world of development projects.

 First of all, we visited one of the pre-schools run by Ocean Stars Trust and interacted with the children such as exchanging our languages, sharing songs, and playing a game together. I was impressed with their enthusiasm and passion to learn.

We also paid a visit to a training centre to offer local people training programmes for computer and sewing skills. I found that these programme are relevant to what I studied in Masters, which is impact evaluation. Mr. Dan shared with me previous achievement of a computer programme that participants succeeded to enhance their skills after the end of the porogramme. I was so pleased to hear the story that identified the actual impact of an intervention. In the meantime, I realized that we need to overcome some difficulties and challenges for the sake of sustainable development projects.

 Overall, I gained a valuable experience by visiting Ocean Stars Trust. This experience has inspired me more to seek for my future career in development fields and to contribute to the reduction of poverty and enhancing the livelihood in developing countries.

Finally, many thanks for a warm welcome from Ocean Stars Trust members and giving us unforgettable memories in Sri Lanka. I will definitely make the most of this experience for my future career.

per mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

OSL Host a 3-day Teacher Training Workshop for Over 70 Preschool Teachers

From 19th to 21st July 2019 OSL hosted the inaugral teacher training for over 70 preschool teachers across Sri Lanka. The 3-day workshop was funded by Fonthill Foundation and Sunny-Sid3 Up and included a variety of thought-provoking sessions on child pyschology, nutrition, inclusive education and preschool administration.

The participating teachers thoroughly enjoyed the experience with many commenting on how great it was to learn new aspects to child development as well as socialising with fellow teachers from across Sri Lanka.

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